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The Reichbusters’ mission is vital,...
it cannot fail.

The Boardgame

Reichbusters: Project Vrill is a co-operative game in which players take on the role of larger-then-life Allied Heroes. Choose your team, customise your loadout, and head into the heart of the Nazi Reich to put an end to the vrilmeisters and their monstrous vril experiments.

The game is designed by Jake Thornton and published by Mythic Games. This website expands the Reichbusters universe with fan-made raids, campaigns, custom character decks and much more.

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Custom fan-made factions, maps, objectives and unique raid experiences.


Custom fan-made adventures set in the Reichbuster universe and beyond.


Custom character decks are ready to fight in your Reichbuster dream team.


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Reichbusters boardgame in action

"The only way to play...
is the Reich way to play"

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