Map Editor


Create your own campaign and raid missions

Darkside from BGG created a Reichbusters extension for the open source map editor that is also used for other games like Zombicide.

Step 1: Download the files

Step 2: Install map editor

Instructions for installing it are in the README file.

Step 3: Add the Reichbusters module

The "pack" menu, at the top left, allows you to import the contents of the Reichbusters basic box and its extensions. After downloading the .ZIP file, select it from the menu. The corresponding content appears in its own submenu.
Important: it is the zip file that must be selected, no need to unzip it before.

map editor add pack

Step 4: Create maps

How to use Mapeditor
1. The tiles and pawns are in the menus in the left column.
2. The gray area is the area in which you create the mission.
3. Click on the desired object, then click on the gray area to place it. You can move it as you wish by clicking on it, and rotate it with right clicks.
4. The buttons at the top of the surface allow you to move, rotate, and delete the selected objects. You can also insert texts.
5. Using the "File" menu, at the top left, you can export your mission in .PNG format. And There you go! Ready for an undercover mission?

Step 5: Upload your creation to

Submit your finished files to the website! 😉

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