Reporting for duty!


We did it! is live! 😄

Hi Reichbusters!

Today is the day the we start our journey together in the expanded Reichbusters universe.

First of all i would really like to thank Mythic Games and especially Leo for being supportive of this website and initiative and allowing me to create this.

It is also the same day that you can download my raid mission Red Hawk - Lone wolf.
I really love the unique character decks in the Reichbusters board game and i will try
to create a raid for each character in the game over time.

I really hope you guys like it! 🤞

Red Hawk - Reichbusters
I am also very pleased that Ramon and Rich gave me permission to add their creations to the site:

Hellboy Character
Mission 0: New Recruits

Let's go Gung Ho!


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